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JAKO CUP Q/F 1st Legs,  to be played weekend 18th /...
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2019 JAKO Cups   03/05/2019

JAKO CUP Q/F 1st Legs,  to be played weekend 18th / 19th May


U12s Prem

Arklow Town A   v    Ashford A               Atfc Grounds            1 - 3 

Enniskerry A        v    Arklow Utd A         Ballyman                  5 - 0 

Shillelagh             v    Greystones Utd       Ballard Park          4 - 0 

BYE                     v    Wicklow Rovers A ---------------                  0 - 3 


U12s Div 1

Sporting Greystones  v  St Anthonys        Woodlands           0 - 2 

Coolboy                     v  Greystones B      Coolboy                  10 - 1 

Rathnew                    v   Roundwood        Shamrock Park     0 - 3 W/O

Glencormac               v  Aughrim              Ryders Field           4 - 2 

U12s Div 2

Avonmore        v    Wicklow B                    Tullulusk                 1 - 1 

Ashford B        v    Wicklow Town              Ballinalea Park      3 - 0 W/O

Greystones C   v    Enniskerry B                  Woodlands          0 - 2 

St Anthonys B v    Newtown                        Finn Park              0 - 6 


U14 Prem

Arklow Town   v  Enniskerry                       Atfc Grounds         1 - 2

Carnew             v  Wicklow Rovers              Back Alley              1 - 1 

Glencormac      v  Ashford                            Ryders Field         1 - 1 

Aughrim           v   Coolboy                          Coolboy                  2 - 1 


U13s / U15s JAKO CUP Q/F 1st Legs,  

to be played weekend 25th / 26th May

U15s Prem Jako Cup

Coolboy            v         Roundwood          3 - 0 W/O    

Ashford             v        Glencormac           2 - 0 

Arklow Town   v         Avonmore              3 - 0 W/O 

Carnew             v         Rathnew                 1 - 4 


U13s Prem Jako Cup

Greystones Utd          v       Rathnew             Disp.

Wicklow Rovers A    v      Arklow Town         6 - 1 

Enniskerry A              v     Avonmore A          2 - 2 

Sporting Greystones   v     Aughrim             2 - 3 


U13s Div 1 Jako Cup

Newtown                    v     Carnew                  2 - 2 

Coolboy                      v     Shillelagh               2 - 8 

Avonmore B               v     Enniskerry B         5 - 2 

Arklow Utd                v     Ashford                  2 -  1 

Quarter Finals;  U12s Prem                      



Arklow Town A              V             Ashford A



Enniskerry A                    V      Arklow Utd A



Shillelagh Utd            V        Greystones Utd A



Idle                                 V      Wicklow Rovers A

Quarter Finals;   U12s Div 1                    


Sporting Greystones   V          St Anthonys


Coolboy                       V       Greystones Utd B


Rathnew                            V      Roundwood


Aughrim                             V      Glencormac

U12s Div 2,  JAKO Cup,



A__Arklow Utd B         V    Enniskerry B


B__Wicklow Town       V    Arklow Town B


Quarter Finals;                        


Avonmore                   V       Wicklow Rovers B


Ashford B                      V      Winners Game B


Greystones Utd C      V      Winners Game A


St Anthonys B                    V      Newtown

U13s Prem,          JAKO Cup,



A__Rathnew                V  Wicklow Rovers U12s


B__Glencormac          V  Avonmore A


Quarter Finals;                        


Greystones Utd A      V         Winners Game A


Wicklow Rovers A      V        Arklow Town A


Enniskerry A                V       Winners Game B


                Sporting Greystones     V      Aughrim

  U13s Div 1,        JAKO Cup,



A__Shillelagh  Utd       V   Roundwood


B__Idle                           V   Enniskerry B


Quarter Finals;                        


                           Newtown        V       Carnew


Coolboy               V     Winners Game A


                         Avonmore B      V      Winners Game B


                              Arklow Utd   V      Ashford

U14s Prem,          JAKO Cup,



A__ Wicklow Rovers  V  Idle                              

C__Rathnew  v  Aughrim   

B__Glencormac          V  Greystones Utd        

D   Ashford     v  Arklow Utd


Quarter Finals;                        


Arklow Town                     V      Enniskerry


Carnew                          V      Winners Game A


Winners Game B        V     Winners Game D


Winners Game C                V      Coolboy

 U15s Prem,         JAKO Cup,



A__Idle                          V   Glencormac


B__Wicklow Rovers B V   Rathnew


Quarter Finals;                        


Coolboy                             V      Roundwood


Ashford                              V      Winner Game A


Arklow Town                     V      Avonmore


Carnew                                V      Winners Game B

Quarter Finals;   U16s JAKO Cup                     


Idle                                   V      Wicklow Rovers


Coolboy                        V      Arklow Utd  


Arklow Celtic                   V      Arklow Town


Idle                                      V      Roundwood


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